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Book: Removing the Plank

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Removing the Plank is a highly personal story that will benefit anyone looking for a careful and considerate reflection on matters the Church can no longer afford to ignore.

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David Smith was a Baptist pastor for 25 years until his rethinking of same-sex relationships in the church brought his career to an end. This ground-breaking book takes you on a heartfelt journey with David as he shares the stories and events that prompted him to change his mind. In this poignant and honest memoir, David introduces the reader to people and events that have graciously helped him to see the ‘plank in his own eye’. He takes us through a careful examination of the Bible and how it led him to an inclusive view of same-sex relationships in the church.

Removing the Plank is a highly personal story that will benefit anyone looking for a careful and considerate reflection on matters the Church can no longer afford to ignore. With grace and humility, David helps us to consider how we can all ‘remove the plank’ from our eyes.

9 reviews for Book: Removing the Plank

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    David needs to be applauded for his writing of this book. There are not many books of its kind that touches on the raw topics that he does. I would recommend it for anyone, especially gay Christians, unsure of their position in the Church where they feel unacceptable by the congregation and by God. David certainly lays on the table very squarely that they are very much loved by God as much as anyone else.

    I first met David in the early 80’s when we taught at the same school in Whyalla. I didn’t know him well at all, only that he was a Christian like me, as we spoke a little, him a Baptist and my self from Uniting Church. I met him again after a long time recently when I was just visiting Activate Church. Over that time I had left my marriage and now live as a gay Christian man. I give this background because I believe David has stated in this book many things that needed to be said about the conservative Church and the hurt they have caused so many, including myself. He speaks his mind and addresses pastors like him who may be questioning their beliefs. A very emotional, out pouring of his soul, David sacrificed his career to be able to live with integrity. A soul searching and at the same time educational read.

  2. Sarah

    Just finished this book.
    I think my message to David from 2017 when he resigned still holds true, and this book lays out how he came to that position. Too many of us don’t set aside the time or headspace to examine our own learned prejudices or privilege, and your humility in seeking to do so is described very well in the book :

    “During the marriage equality debate which was deeply disturbing for us and all members of the LGBTI community I greatly appreciated reading your always open, honest and compassionate advocacy for marriage equality in online discussions with other people of faith.

    Thank you so much for your support and willingness to engage in a search for the truth of what you believe Jesus’ intentions would have been if directly confronted with such a situation. As you know, we are not religious however i have always admired your deep commitment to living and acting in the spirit of the values Jesus embodies which, from my position outside the faith i observe as love, compassion and care for your fellow man, especially where there is injustice or need.  

    Your example is an inspiration to us all and again by your actions in resigning you demonstrate a consideration and care for your fellow congregants even as you leave that is a testament to your devotion to Jesus’ teachings.”

  3. Kaye

    I received this book yesterday from my brother for whom it is very relevant, and just finished it. It’s a very easy read and reflects so much of my thinking and deconstructing over the last few decades. Every Christian who still thinks you can’t be a real Christian and also in a same-sex relationship needs to read and consider. I too thought this. But God’s love and desire for justice as demonstrated in Jesus requires inclusion. I am a woman in my 70s, married to a bloke for 50 years and daily reading my Bible since I was 12. I have several LGBTIQ+ family members and it took a fair bit of study, reading and experience to get to the point that David articulates in this book. Thanks David. Well done.

  4. Matthew Cragg (verified owner)

    Awesome book David.
    Thanks for your leadership in this space. It’s disappointing that one day in the future we will look back on this whole issue of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and, like slavery, think “what were we thinking?” Well done on your step out in faith!

  5. Jack (verified owner)

    David has written an insightful and progressive book that is a must-read for any person of Faith. Not only does this book clearly and concisely destroy the homophobic agenda of conservative churches. It also gives insight into our own privilege and how people in a self-examining way can improve personal behavior for a more inclusive and Christ-like world. My only problem is that the people who need to read this book the most will be too afraid or will simply just ignore the messages within. Amen David and Thank you again!

  6. Rosemary

    Hi David. Your book arrived this morning and Boom within a few hoursI had read it. What a great read. Easy to follow, spotted with humour and real life stories. I like the way you’ve described reading the bible from under the torchlight of Christ. It makes so much sense that the bible is a Library of books written from many different times by many different authors and each have one a different perspective and possibly motive. Your referral to Gods default is one I shall use I have always believed that you can worship and honour God from wherever you stand and it has been a privilege reading of your journey in faith.. Rose

  7. Paul Marsh (verified owner)

    Rev David Smith paid a great personal price when he stood up for the truth and justice of the Gospel. In Removing The Plank David writes about his spiritual journey from fundamentalism to a deeper understanding of what the Gospel says about same-sex relationships. This memoir makes compelling reading. I admire David both for what he did and for sharing his story. Highly recommended.

  8. Tyson Baird (verified owner)

    For those of us who deeply resonate with the beauty of Jesus’ inclusive teachings, but always felt uncomfortable with these not being applied to all people. This book is an important reflection.

    A useful analysis to help not throw out the baby Jesus with the baptismal bath water.

  9. Mal

    This book really outlines the deep soul searching and internal struggle David has been dealing with for many years. Its been a very personal struggle, but through all this he has never lost his relationship with God. This book shows that this strong relationship is what eventually brought him to question the actions of the conservative churches, and ask “is this what God really wants?”
    I did find a couple of chapters near the end a bit hard going, but all in all a great insight and well worth the read.

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