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My Privilege

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Having a greater understanding of my privilege hasn’t given me a desire to preach again or lead church again. In fact I often wonder if I have anything left to say! Though clearly writing this book betrays that. What I have discovered though is that the world has enough voices of large, white, married, English speaking males. We don’t have to go looking for them. The voice of privilege bursts through like a ten-year old boy convinced that it’s his right to bat first in backyard cricket. If I am to use my privilege properly, it will be to use my power to add power to others. To use my voice to speak for those who are tired of speaking for themselves and being ignored. To notice, to listen, to understand people different from me, more than I do. That’s how to disarm privilege.
From my very soon to be released book called “Removing the Plank” about how I changed my mind about sexuality and the church.

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