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Male Adventure Privilege

I have a daughter who is a pioneer woman in the world of rock climbing and skydiving. These adventure worlds, unfamiliar to many of us, are also worlds where men rule and women have many extra battles to get to the same level. My daughter promotes “Women in Adventure” wherever she goes and befriends others for support along the way. She taught me to call out, “Climb like a girl!” when she’s climbing. In the rock climbing world that’s not an insult, like it might be in other contexts. A woman climber has to use good technique to master a climb. A male climber can conquer certain climbs through sheer strength. Since they can do that they tend not to work on their technique, and tend not to advance as they should. It’s a valued encouragement to call out to any climber, “Climb like a girl,” as it reminds them to use good technique. I have #climblikeagirl engraved on a souvenir carabiner to remind me of my now interstate daughter and this lesson.
Excerpt from “Removing The Plank,” my soon to be released book about privilege, sexuality, and the church.

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